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Baseball Past and Present

Every year when George Case returned from another season of baseball, it was time to show his movies.

The four-time American League All Star outfielder, who played for the Washington Senators and Cleveland Indians from 1937-1947, loved 8 mm color film. He shot footage of his family, duck hunts and, most significantly in historical terms, his playing career...

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Uni Watch

Unless you’re a fairly serious student of 1930s and ’40s baseball, you probably haven’t heard of George Case. A banjo-hitting outfielder who spent most of his 11-year career with the Senators, he led the American League in stolen bases six times and was a four-time All-Star who retired with a lifetime batting average of .282.

I had only the vaguest notion of Case myself until last week, when I got a note from his son, George Case III, who was touting a DVD featuring When It Was a Game-esque home movie footage that his dad shot during his career...

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Seam Heads

A couple of weeks ago, I got to write the kind of story I love for my blog.

The son of a former Washington Senators and Cleveland Indians outfielder named George Case emailed me to say he had a 37-minute DVD compiled from 8 mm color footage his dad shot of his career, which spanned 1937 to 1947. The son, George Case III, sent me a copy, and I was amazed to see baseball greats like Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams in Wizard of Oz-style technicolor, as well as figures like Joe Louis, Jesse Owens and two U.S. presidents. It led to a fun post with some good still shots from the film.

My only regret was that I didn’t have a good film clip to include in my post. With permission from Case III, I had a friend shoot 16 seconds of the DVD while it played on my television, with the sound muted. It came out very grainy, though. Still, something better was in store, I learned.

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Baseball Happenings

On the field, George Case was known for his speed. The fleet-footed outfielder led the American League in stolen bases six times, including a five-year stretch from 1939-1943. During his career that spanned 11 seasons, Case had the foresight to capture action from all of the American League ballparks onto color 8mm film. Previously silent footage, Case wisely recorded the narration before his death in 1989 that guides you through the 37 minute expedition entitled "Around the League".

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