Interesting Webpages

AG Love of Their Own - Winner of the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Children's Book Award - Bob Salomon

Artmaus Collectibles - Sports cards and memorabilia

Baseball Direct - Online source for baseball videos, books and calendars

Behind The Bombers - NY Yankees Fan Club - Phil Speranza

Bleeding Yankee Blue - For the ultimate Yankee fan who's looking for News, Analysis and Humor.

Classic Sports Pictures - Started in 2013 by Albert F. Bolognese. Classic Sports Pictures hosts a collection of sports images pulled from vintage films of 1930’s through the mid 1970’s. These films contained many of the most memorable moments in sport history.

Clem\'s Baseball - Featuring a comprehensive set of original baseball stadium diagrams and photos, and tables of comparative data, with blog commentary focused on the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees. Dedicated to the proposition that baseball plays a unique role in overcoming social distrust and uniting our fair republic.

Comfortably Zoned Radio Podcast - \"In case you\'re wondering...with \"George\" A weekly podcast talking about WWII era major league baseball history!

Critical Past Video (click to watch) - President Harry S. Truman watches a baseball match between Washington and St. Louis at Griffith Stadium in Washington DC. George Case Jr is mentioned twice in this video - once when running to second base and the second time scoring a run – Cecil Travis is shown in the footage at bat and Cecil appears several times in "Around The League 1939-46". Cecil Travis was returning to baseball after seeing combat during the war and the Senators were fighting for an American league pennant against the Detroit Tigers – Detroit would eventually beat out Washington on the last game of the season on a home run by Hank Greenberg – Greenberg and the Detroit Tigers are also in "Around The League 1939-46".

Doc Adams Baseball - The official website of Daniel Lucius \"Doc\" Adams, one of the founding fathers of baseball

FCAssociates - Museum consultation, Legal Services, and Professional Appraisals (Frank Ceresi)

Graig Kreindler - The Painter of the National Pastime™ - Graig Kreindler is acknowledged as one of the finest baseball artists of our time. He has been featured in a write up in The Wall Street Journal, 5/23/2015) and in a segment on Fox News. Graig strives for complete COLOR and DETAIL accuracy in his paintings and has used our DVD \"Ballfield to Battlefield and Back, From FDR to JFK\" as a UNIQUE resource for his amazing work!

HD Live Baseball - Tune in to Watch Baseball Live Streaming online on your PC with instant access payments.

Nationals Daily News - This website is all about Washington DC baseball history and the Washington Nationals

Philadelphia Athletics - The official website of the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society. This site is full of articles about baseball history along with great merchandise and collectables.

Robert Edward Auctions - Specializing in baseball memorabilia

Rumor In Town - The official website of Babe Dahlgren - Babe Dahlgren took the immortal Lou Gehrig's place in the NY Yankees line-up in 1939. Babe Dahlgren appears in the DVD "Around the League 1939-46" and this site is dedicated to Babe Dahlgren's memory by his grandson, Matt Dahlgren.

Snakejazz - A memoir of a major league baseball pitcher - Dave Baldwin (Dave pitched for George Case Jr. in Hawaii in 1965-66) before being called up to the Washington Senators.

Vintage Ball Gloves - Shares very detailed information about vintage baseball glove evolution through a unique 2011 book titled "Baseball Gloves Merge With America's Past", EXPANDED EDITION written by David Cunningham. This website offers 3 different book formats (Printed version, CD-Book and PDF-Book (downloadable directly to your computer) all of which share the same content and pictures. This 110 + page book highlights "A Fielder's Dream Glove Collection" which has over 110 different vintage baseball gloves and 45 different vintage softball gloves. The book contains over 500 laser quality glove images. Baseball glove evolution and baseball history are depicted alongside America's past. It is a very unique book for the fans of baseball. Check it out!! - Case's Pork Roll (a Trenton NJ product) was founded by my dad's father, George Case Sr. and later run by my dad's half-brother Cliff Case who had been the owner of the Trenton Senators baseball team beginning in 1936 when my dad turned professional and played minor league ball in Trenton. The current on-line business is run by my cousin Cathy who is a granddaughter of Cliff Case and great-granddaughter of George Case Sr.