"Fantastic footage ... loved hearing your Dad talk about the game, his old teammates, etc. A true treat and a treasure! Thank you for sharing a small part of his life with us ... the fans."
--Steve Solmonson

“For anyone who loves baseball, the National Pastime, history in general or the World War Two era, I would heartily recommend purchasing the DVD. It is an outstanding “must see.”
--Frank Ceresi, FC Associates

“It is a top shelf piece of baseball nostalgia.”
--Donald Honig, baseball author - Baseball When The Grass Was Real, Baseball Between The Lines, The Fifth Season and many more!

“I have been lucky enough to have seen a copy of the DVD and it’s an absolutely unique glimpse of baseball history. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other source of footage like this.”
--Rich Keupper

“Your movie is one of my absolute favorites! It is a must have for anyone who appreciates baseball, history and a truly quality production.”
--Alan Feinberg

“Just wanted to let you know that your DVD “Around the League” was a real hit at our chapter meeting”
--Florida SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) chapter

“This DVD is a must for fans of the greatest era this game has ever seen. The color images are spectacular to watch but to hear a George Case narration and to hear his anecdotes about some of the players makes it that much better.”
--Matt Dahlgren, author, Rumor In Town and grandson of former major league baseball player, Babe Dahlgren.

“That DVD was awesome It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing it with me.”
--Larry Underwood

“Thanks for the quick mailing. I enjoyed watching the DVD and I missed those days of great players of the bygone era.”
--Kevin Card

“…I’ve never seen anything like this”
--Graham Womack, Baseball Past & Present

“…Around The League is great stuff.”
--Paul Lukas, Uniwatch

“George, I think your father would be very proud of the work you and your family have put into re-mastering this film – what a GEM!”
--Mark Hornbaker – Nationals Daily News

“…what a valuable historical artifact. The DVD should be seen by everyone …who have an interest in baseball history”
--Dave Baldwin, former Washington Senators pitcher and author of Snake Jazz, a personal memoir of a major league pitcher.

“The video is really the only place you are going to see the color shots of some of the greats. It is the release of a buried treasure.”
--Nick Diunte, Baseball Happenings

“This is a great DVD for anyone interested in baseball history. You get the history from a player who was there and that makes it very special.”
--Artmaus Collectibles

“George – loved the DVD. It was great hearing your father…as narrator. Also enjoyed seeing and hearing Shirley Povich.”
--Tom Zocco

“DVD received, viewed, and greatly enjoyed. So many great faces remembered from long ago. Is there an archivist at the Hall of Fame who collects and publicizes gems like this?”
--Ned Gammons

“Anytime one gets to see footage from that era is a real treat. Thanks for all of your efforts in putting this together and perpetuating the legacy of a fine man and ballplayer like your dad.”
--Hank Greenwald

“Excellent DVD, better than I expected. All SABR members should own this because it shows baseball history…thanks for a great DVD.”
--Greg Rasheed

"I received the DVD... and enjoyed it immensely, start to finish.  A true labor of love.  It's amazing to see how baseball has changed profoundly in some ways, in others not at all.  Your dad's films capture so many moments, events and individuals in such a profound way.  Hope it finds the large audience it deserves."
--Judy Van Sickle Johnson