Sharing  Baseball History!

Case was first on base and in race

(This column first appeared in The Washington Times) By DICK HELLER In 126 years of major league baseball, only one non-pitcher named Case has appeared — and you could make a case for him as one of the original Washington Senators’ greatest players ever. George Washington Case Jr. played outfield for the Senators for most
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What major league baseball was like many years ago!

Major League Baseball as played in the WWII era and earlier was a much different game than Major League Baseball as played today.  During that period of time there were only 16 teams in two leagues – each team had 25 players and this meant that there were only a total of 400 players on
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The Legacy of Griffith Stadium

I would like to discuss the “Legacy of Griffith Stadium” and some of those wonderful memories of a time in the not so distant past – unfortunately memories are just about all that is left for those who remember major league baseball in Washington DC before the current Washington Nationals. This may serve as a
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Son Makes Good on Father’s Pledge – an example of Timeless Baseball – courtesy of Matt Dahlgren

Son Makes Good on Father’s Pledge I recently read a story about my grandpa, Babe Dahlgren and his father Peter that I’d never heard before. After all the years spent talking with my grandpa, all the countless months researching his life and career, somehow this one slipped past me like the easiest of ground balls.
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Throwing Out The First Ball

Opening Day in Washington  I’d like to discuss a Washington baseball tradition that, unfortunately, in my opinion, has been lost “in the sands of time.” The ceremonial first pitch was a long-standing tradition at Griffith Stadium and later at DC (RFK) Stadium in Washington DC. This tradition began in 1910 with President William Howard Taft
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Baseball in Washington DC – the political and military connection

2012 has certainly been an exciting year for Washington baseball fans and players – it has been a long time coming! All of Washington should be very excited by the play of The Nationals this year.  While the outcome of the St. Louis series is not what Washington baseball fans wanted, the fact is that
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Growing Up at Griffith Stadium

In keeping with our theme of ‘timeless baseball” I thought it might be of interest to remember some of my childhood days as the son of a major league baseball player. I was very fortunate to have literally “grown up” at Griffith Stadium in Washington DC, where my dad had patrolled the outfield for the
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Lou Gehrig – One of the greatest…

In my previous blogs I have discussed WWII era major league baseball from the perspective of a major league ballplayer who played during that time – for those of you interested in what we refer to as “timeless baseball” I’d like to discuss one of the GREATEST of all major league ballplayers– the IMMORTAL Lou
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