World War II Major League Baseball in FULL COLOR: A First-Ever FULL COLOR Look at Major League Baseball From 1939-1946: The View Of A Major League Ballplayer.

I grew up in baseball as the son of a major league ballplayer, George Case Jr., who played “big league” baseball from 1937-1947 with the Washington Senators and Cleveland Indians. My dad was known as the fastest player in baseball, led the Major Leagues in stolen bases a record five consecutive years and six times led the American League. My father stole more bases than anyone in major league baseball during the 40 year period from 1920-1960.

I am of the opinion that few Americans have an understanding as to the important role major league baseball played during World War II in “keeping the home fires burning.” Tom Brokaw has written about America’s “greatest generation,” PBS recently featured World War II documentary footage in full color, footage previously seen only in black and white newsreels, and several years ago, HBO produced “When It Was A Game”. Of interest is the fact that approximately 7 minutes of the HBO production featured color movies taken by my father during his major league career.

It has been documented that more than 5,000 major league and minor league players left the baseball diamond to serve in the military during World War II while President Franklin Delano Roosevelt insisted that baseball still be played in order to boost the country’s morale. FDR’s famous “green light” letter to then baseball commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis dated January 15, 1942… “I honestly feel that it would be best for the country to keep baseball going…”

I’d like to contribute a footnote to this era by presenting for the first time, a look at life in the big leagues through the eyes of a ballplayer – and to be able to present the story with rare footage in FULL COLOR taken directly from 8 mm color “home movies” filmed by my father during his major league career and later narrated by him.

I believe that most Americans, when they think of the history of our country before the advent of color film and photography, think in terms of a black and white world. The reason for this, in my view, is that before, say 1940, most everything we saw, whether it be in the form of movies, newsreels, magazines and later television, was in black and white. This particular DVD, documenting baseball history from the period 1939-1946 will, for the first time, be primarily a color story. I know of no other photographic record of major league baseball in color from that time frame. This DVD will provide a unique look at major league baseball from a ballplayer’s perspective and will feature a full color look at life in the major leagues from 65-70 years ago.

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